On Skinned Knees & Lessons Learned

It’s skinned knee season in our home, with two girls riding bikes of the two and four-wheeled variety, and a third toddling along just behind – ready for far more than she’s capable of. And I’m not one to stop someone who’s trying to make progress, even if that progress might be dangerous. So we’ve […]

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The First Thing Is How to Fall Down

Ani and Teagan are enjoying the start of their summer.  I’m enjoying observing as they dig in.  Today, they began taking some ice skating lessons, and I was very eager to learn how it went. Teagan mentioned falling and skating and waving to her baby sister, Quinn, who watched from the bleachers. ((First walking.  Ice […]

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Ani’s First Day

First Day Originally uploaded by Bud the Teacher I asked Ani this morning what she was most excited about on her first day of school. Today, of course, being her first day of Kindergarten.  Big Deal. “Learning and recess,” she said. No hesitation. I’m feeling pretty good about her attitude for the first day. That […]

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Relations & Expectations

Teagan has, since her birth, been known to all of us as the little sister. The baby sister. That changed the day that Quinn came. Teagan’s now wearing two hats in our family – little sister to Ani, and big sister to Quinn. ((There are several other hats or roles that she wears, but you […]

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Look Out, World

Originally uploaded by Bud the Teacher This is Quinlynn Laura Hunt. She was born earlier this afternoon. We call her Quinn. She’s 7 pounds, 11 ounces, and 20 inches of awesome. I’m just getting to know her; so far I like what I see. (And hear. She doesn’t cry. She squeaks.) Oh, and just in […]

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Ani reminded me tonight, as we were driving to an event, that today was November 11th. She’s been working on her calendar at preschool. “Veterans Day,” I told her. “Do you know what that means?” “Yeah.” She answered without hesitation from the back seat of the dark car. “It’s the day for when superheroes save […]

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