Groups. Do We Need More?

    I’m noticing a proliferation of niche groups emerging in the edu’sphere — groups of young folks, groups of women, etc.  Something about this is rubbing me the wrong way — but I can’t quite put my finger on what it is.      I certainly admire the time and effort that people are […]

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Gonna Be a Geocacher

    For Christmas, my wife, who believes I already have too many gadgets (and she might be right), took one for the team and generously got me a handheld GPS receiver.  That means that I can now go geocaching.  I know, it makes me a geek that I want to do something like that, […]

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Keep Singing

    I was at a shopping mall today, in the food court, doing some people watching.  I saw a young man on a small stage doing his best to sing his heart out for a crowd that was far more interested in egg rolls, pizza, and big ol’ hams than they were in his […]

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UnBlogging Blogger

    Google’s adding new privacy features to Blogger: Google Inc. has released a new version of its Blogger service, adding privacy settings that restrict readership to a predetermined audience. Users can choose to have blogs accessible to anyone or just to themselves. Or they can list the e-mail addresses of the people they want […]

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Never Too Young

  Good Job, Ani.    Originally uploaded by Bud the Teacher.   It’s never too early to get your children helping out around the house.  After our twenty or so inches of snowfall — more if you count the massive drifts throughout our neighborhood — we sent Ani, almost two, out with her shovel to […]

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Making a List

    I received a couple of e-mails this week from a gentleman that, unintentionally, caused a bit of a ruckus within my quadrant/corner/big ol’ network-section thingie of the edusphere.      This gentleman created some content and, like most folks who create content, wanted other people to see it.  So, he wrote to some […]

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Five Things (It’s Memetastic!)

    I’ve been tagged into the five things meme by Doug Belshaw.  In a better attempt for you, dear reader, to get to know me better, I’m to "reveal" five things about myself that you otherwise wouldn’t know from reading this blog.  Here goes: I have a twin sister who teaches Kindergarten in the […]

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    I’m safely at home right now, enjoying the beginnings of my non-denominational seasonal special days break, and here comes the blizzard.      I’m thinking we’re in for a white Christmas this year  .  .  .  .

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