Cell Phones, or, I Really AM a Geek

    I have always despised cell phones, in a love/hate sort of way.  I’ve carried one for eight years, and have depended on my ability to reach people via their cell phones countless times.  That said, I dislike people talking loudly and rudely in the midst of peace and quiet; I loathe the one person who has to take a call in a crowded elevator.
    Most of all, I hate it when a phone rings during the middle of a class or lecture or presentation or church service, etc.  But I’ve never really been one of those "give me that phone so I can give it to the principal" type of people.  That’s right up there with denying students permission to go to the restroom. 
    Of course, I’m beginning to be a bit of a cell phone junkie, now that I’ve added a RAZR V.3 to my arsenal of multimedia tools.  I totally understand why so many of my students live and die by their telephones.  The potential is HUGE.
    If we can figure out all of those silly proprietary formats that videos and photos and audio recordings are made in on the different types of phones that really do saturate our schools now, then we’re really going to have something in terms of an all-in-one digital storytelling tool.
    Anyone know if there’s an "all-in-one" converter out there?  I’m sure curious.

2 thoughts on “Cell Phones, or, I Really AM a Geek

  1. I would highly recommend a thorough browse through Alexander Hayes’ blog. Alex is an Aussie educator with a passion for mobile learning and you will find pointers to all sorts of stuff including where all of this cell/mobile phone technology is going. You can also subscribe to blogs now using a service called PlusMo plus you add a feed for your own blog using that service for free. Just think, your students could subscribe and read your blog on their cell phones (and vice versa). Then you’d really find it indispensable.

  2. Steve Dembo says:

    If you feel like hacking your brand new phone, visit MotoModders website. It is amazing just how much you can tweak and unlock on those suckers. It’s a great phone already, but you can make it do so much more with some work!

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