Let’s Skip the Salad Dressing

When I was a kid, I didn’t do too well with eating my vegetables. My mom, wanting to see some eaten, offered me plenty of salad dressing to eat with the vegetables I wouldn’t, and I got awfully fond of salad dressing. But not so much the vegetables. I was in my twenties before I discovered […]

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"Stay True to What We Know"

Cindy’s been doing some work with the Common Core State Standards and Hamlet.  And in her latest post on the work, she gets at something that I think is essential when it comes to working with standards – any standards.  But it’s often forgotten: Part of me is pretty darn convinced that it involves our subversive […]

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Quite Right

“For me the classroom is a place of paradox, grace, and vulnerability. My experiences in the classroom lead me to more fully live into the person I imagine I am becoming. Teaching and learning along with students who are discovering who they are have given me the opportunity to consider how my vulnerabilities affect who […]

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It’s Alive. And I Like It.

Anne Collier‘s sharing a new report on online safety and technology, “Youth Safety on a Living Internet.” I wasn’t eager to see yet another report, as I’ve read a few – but as I skimmed the first several pages, I understood why she was excited by the work.  She was the co-chair of the Online […]

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What’s “Print?”

I’ve assigned many research projects in my time as a teacher. Perhaps you have, too. Research, the process of looking and re-looking at the way an issue or idea has been explored, is a vital part of learning. Perhaps you, like me, have assigned research projects that required that students cite their sources, and perhaps […]

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On Modeling

Earlier this morning, I tweeted this: Do you ever want to say to folks who scream they don’t want their private lives online: “Maybe you should just try to be a better person.” ? And I realized that I didn’t quite say what I meant there. I believe that privacy is important and special, and […]

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Would You Please Block?

Ever since we opened up lots more of the Internet in our school district earlier this year, the district has received several requests from teachers and other staff to block resources that are distractions in the classroom.  I’ve written a stock response to those requests that I thought might be worth sharing.  It’s my hope […]

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