#NPM2018: Prompt 2

2 thoughts on “#NPM2018: Prompt 2

  1. Bud Hunt says:

    I see the line you’ve drawn at the edge of the playground.
    The one you’ve dared me not to cross.

    I see you waiting close by, pretending not to see me,
    Hoping I’ll venture closer.

    Wanting me to challenge you.

    Instead, I head the other way.
    Where blacktop-marked foursquares

    wait for feet to plant themselves inside.

    Even though I’m the only one on this end of things.
    I can make up games and friends and time.

    You do your evil over there.
    I’ll do my playing over here.

    — Bud Hunt
    April 2nd, 2018

  2. Someone
    hid the button
    on me,
    words disguised
    as instructions.
    No, I won’t
    hit to play —
    not tomorrow
    not today.

    – Kevin

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