Reports from Cyberspace at #NCTE2011

I had the pleasure of once again joining with friends and colleagues Troy Hicks and Sara Kajder on Sunday to share the 2011 edition of Reports from Cyberspace at the 2011 NCTE Annual Convention.  The wrinkle, for me, this time around, was that I actually was present via cyberspace, as I was co-presenting from my basement office.

The archive of the session is available for viewing if you’re interested.

One oddity for me – as my video link into the room was from the webcam of a laptop on the podium, I had zero sense of the physical audience in the room and relied on the tweets and texts from those in attendance as my only sense of the audience.  That’s always one tricky element of presenting from afar – the sense of the room.

I am grateful to Jeff Golub for starting this collection of smart folks three years ago – I’ve sure learned lots.  Hope it’s been useful to NCTE.

If you were “there” for the session, either via Adobe Connect or in the room, I’d love to know your impressions of the time – did it work that I was not physically there, or was that more distraction than helpful?

2 thoughts on “Reports from Cyberspace at #NCTE2011

  1. Bud, I thought the session was great! It was the best one I attended all weekend. At first all of the different technologies at use in the room were a bit overwhelming (the Adobe Connect,, etc) but I got it figured out quickly. My colleague and I are still referring to your session as the “technology rockstars”. Thanks for all the great ideas!

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