Learning 2.0: A Colorado Conversation 2010

I’m looking very much forward to tomorrow’s 3rd annual Learning 2.0: A Colorado Conversation, taking place at Loveland High School, just one town over from my home.  I’m pumped about the event for several reasons.  For starters – I’m not an organizer of the event this year – the fine folks at Loveland HS and the Thompson School District have grabbed the reins and put together what looks to be a fine day of learning and conversation with folks around the region.  I always enjoy spending time in thoughtful conversation with folks in my own area.  And tomorrow, I get to be a participant.  (Global’s good – but local’s where the unexplored potential of the read/write web for teaching and learning lies.)  I’m hoping that next year’s event is handled as well as this year’s.

I’m also looking forward to facilitating a conversation on show & tell, and how purposeful transparency can be pretty darn good professional development.  If you want to join in, all the particulars of how to do so are available on the conference wiki.  I’ll be presenting at 10:45am Mountain time.  Would love to have you join us via the conference Livestream.

One thought on “Learning 2.0: A Colorado Conversation 2010

  1. Suzzanne says:

    You are such an asset here in our community, Bud, adding equity to the SVVSD and even more important, building up kids for a bright future.

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