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Karl gave me a very special gift this year, as well as a way for me to do the same for other folks.  Lee explains:

Today, Karl Fisch posted a message on his blog inviting members of his PLN (Personal Learning Network) to join Team Shift Happens and contribute however much possible to Kiva. Kiva is different than other charities in that it is a micro-lending website. People, like you and I, can loan money ($25 and up) directly to individual entrepeneurs in the developing world.

On Karl’s suggestion, I’ve donated $25 to an entrepreneur and I also purchased two $25 gift certificates that I have emailed to two members of my PLN. I’m asking them to do the same as I did:

  1. Log in to Kiva.
  2. Join Team Shift Happens (click on Community and search keyword, “shift”)
  3. Choose the entrepreneur to whom they will loan the value of the gift certificate.
  4. Then consider doing the same thing I did – purchase two $25 gift certificates and email them to two members of their PLN with the same request to “pay it forward.”
  • Make a $25 loan yourself, or
  • Do what I did; make a $25 loan, then purchase two $25 gift certificates and email them to folks you know and ask them to do the same, and/or

I’ve been honored to pay it forward as I received one of Karl’s original certificates and have been sharing gift certificates with others.  I also made an investment on my own, following in Karl’s footsteps.  I learned a great deal as I made my way through Kiva’s site, learning more about the specifics of micro-finance and peering into another part of the world. It’s been a treat to continue the chain, and to make someone’s day by sending along a gift that I know will be a useful one.

I wonder if you might want to send such a gift, too.

Join Team Shift Happens.  Make someone’s day – e-mail them a Kiva gift certificate, and ask them to keep paying it forward, to make someone else’s day, too.  Lots of folks win.  Better yet, as loans are repaid, this can be a gift that, literally, keeps on giving.

6 thoughts on “Paying it Forward

  1. Jo McLeay says:

    Hi Bud, I joined the Team Shift Happens the other day. I’m just so impressed with the whole idea. I love the idea of harnessing the power of lots of ordinary ppl for a project like this in the flat world we are now in. Well written post.

    Jo McLeays last blog post..A Passionate Teacher?

  2. Kevin says:

    I finally got to Kiva in the last month and love the concept. I joined the Shift group a few days ago and just added two new loans.
    Now, I have some students interested in the microlending idea as a fundraising activity, which I think is a great way to use Kiva, help others in the world and talk about social responsibility and finance. Wow.
    Adios, man

    Kevins last blog post..When Geeks Get Mad

  3. I also appreciate that it is a doable price tag. $25 is attainable. This is a workable concept that many people can and will participate in.

  4. Bud,

    Between your post, Chris Lehmann’s, and Karl’s original post, I am inspired. I’ve just purchased four gift certificates: two for my childrens’ advisors and one for each child’s Xmas stockings. It will be a great topic of conversation and way to make Christmas Day more of what it’s all about…

    Happy Holidays and thanks for all you give,


    Laura Deisley/Deacs84s last blog post..One Image, One Line

  5. Karl Fisch says:

    Thanks Bud for participating, paying it forward, and for your eloquent post.

  6. private says:

    Very nice article. I certainly appreciate this site. Stick with it!

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