Where I’m Taking Notes @ NCTE 2008

Good morning from the 2008 NCTE Annual Convention.  I arrived yesterday and got the lay of the land while visiting with old friends, many of them at the NWP Annual Meeting, which occurs concurrently. (Too much good stuff crammed together, if you ask me.) Today, I’ll be doing a couple of sessions and hoping to attend several more.  In my continuing quest to find the better, real time collaborative tools for convention or conference chatter, I’ve decided to try using Chatterous for this one.  

I’ve created a group in Chatterous called “NCTE 2008” that I’ll be using to share information on the ground from the conference.  I’d love to chat with you there, either if you’re attending or if you have an interest in what’s shaking here.  If you are attending, you might consider trying to connect with friends via the chat room, too.  (It’s okay to type lots there, is all I’m saying.  I’m sure you’ll think of several good things to say or do in the space that I’ve not considered.)  I like Chatterous because it plays nicely with mobile devices, which is a must for this event.  If you’re interested in seeing my notes, or chatting with others, I’d encourage you to join the room.  If you haven’t an account, you’ll need to create one.  

Selfishly, I’m hoping some folks will share session notes from events and presentations that I cannot attend. 

I hope this is useful.  If not, there’s always the mobile version of Cover It Live to try at the next conference.  Or, for that matter, tomorrow.  I’m here all weekend.

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