#NPM2018: Prompt 23

2 thoughts on “#NPM2018: Prompt 23

  1. Words and phrases,
    discarded into plastic pails
    by the back door.

    I’ll lean out my writing window,
    let my fingers dangle,
    as the poems drop.

    I forgot
    what it is
    I meant to

    So much of life
    gets away from us,
    it’s amazing we even have
    the courage

    to save a bit
    for the remembering.


  2. Bud Hunt says:

    Hiding In Protected Sight

    I’m not sure what’s so secret
    That you gotta lock up your trash
    Wall it off
    Prevent it from siege
    But it must be something special.

    I can’t tell what’s so precious
    That you’re building a wall around it
    Just after you let it go forever.
    Keeping sacred secrets in the can behind your place
    is certainly one way to do it
    Is certainly somewhere folks won’t look.

    I wonder what you’re keeping in the kitchen
    What isn’t locked away behind this wall
    And what makes it change into a treasure
    Only safe
    in the street out back.

    — Bud Hunt
    April 25th, 2018

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