#NPM2018: An Invitation into National Poetry Month 2018. It’s On.

For several years, I’ve celebrated the month of April, National Poetry Month, with a month of prompts, of invitations to take a moment amidst the busyness and hustle of day to day. A couple years back, I stopped asking. For plenty of reasons. But none of them the right ones.

There’re plenty of reasons not to write, not to pause and take a moment to listen to the you that maybe isn’t always allowed out, but who really wants to play. Go ahead and write along anyway. Okay?

Let’s play with words together this month and see what happens.

Here’s my promise:

Every day in April, around midnight Mountain time, I’ll post a prompt. Might be a picture, maybe some words. But each day an invitation.

I’ll write when I can. Sometimes when I can’t. And I’ll share what I write in the comments. Even if I wish it were a little better, or a little more done. You can, too.

Of course, as with every invitation will be an extra reminder. You don’t gotta write to my prompt. You don’t gotta respond to what I’m offering. You don’t gotta share what you make here.

But you should write. The you that wants out should have a chance to say hello and see what happens.

You in? ((Here’s a sample of what we might do, should you need one. I found this poem I wrote a few years back as a response to one of these prompts. I like it.))

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