On Agency, and #whyIwrite

Earlier this evening, I had a conversation with a colleague who is thinking hard, very hard, about how to teach and perpetuate SEL ((That’s Social Emotional Learning, of course. )) principles in classrooms in deep and meaningful ways for children. We ended up talking because I pushed a bit to ask that, as she creates resources […]

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“The System Won’t Let Me”

The other day, I pulled up to a fast-food joint, trying to grab a quick bite. ((Okay.  It was a Sonic.  I really, really like breakfast burritos, and I can get one there pretty much any hour of the day.  Eggs and bacon is the “fast food” I eat these days.)) I ordered the value […]

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The Podcast: Future Ready?

Last month, I had the privilege of giving the keynote address for The Future Ready Summit in Denver.  Ben recorded the audio, and was kind enough to share it with me. So I’m sharing it with you. Direct Link to Audio http://budtheteacher.com/podcasts/budtheteacher/BudHuntKeynoteFutureReadyDenverJune2015.mp3 Not sure if it’ll translate without the visuals – so the slides are […]

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Here I Go Again

Earlier today, I sat in on a meeting of the St. Vrain Blended Libraries Action Research Group. That’s a big name, but the group is a group of teacher librarians, school and district folks, and administrators who are rethinking the role of the library in our 21st Century schools. They’re standing up an action research […]

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