"Pummeled by a Deluge"

Rebecca Blood, a lifetime ago in Internet time, : We are being pummeled by a deluge of data and unless we create time and spaces in which to reflect, we will be left with only our reactions. And when I read Dean yesterday talking of owning one’s space to share one’s words, and then Tony’s […]

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The Podcast: Why I’m Not a Fan of Free (At School) (Infrastructure, I Mean)

UPDATE: In the comments below, Mike advocates for free versions of desktop software.  I am completely in favor of those options for students and schools.  I also like free and open source software for digital infrastructure.  (Both the software packages I mention in the podcast are free and open source tools.) The “free” I’m talking […]

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There Isn’t Just One

I didn’t want to let too much time go by before responding to Doug’s post, and the others that have followed it, but I haven’t have time for a thorough response.  There’s plenty of thoughtfulness in the posts and comments, but I did just want to state, again, that I’m pretty sure an awful lot […]

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Thinking ’bout Linking

It was about a year ago that I wrote a piece for English Journal on teaching “blogging” vs. “writing with blogs” that was pretty much a re-hash of some blog posts that I thought were saying something. The trouble is, I wasn’t sure what they were saying. I’ve been fumbling at this one for a […]

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Dear Readers, Please Forgive

   Please forgive Typepad.  They’ve apparently mixed up their feeds, and have been pushing celebrity gossip through mine and many other Typepad users.  Yet another reason why I contemplate leaving.    I’m sure they didn’t mean harm, and that they’ll apologize for, or at least acknowledge, their mistake soon.   Right, Typepad? Update: This was […]

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The Podcast: NCTE 2006 Presentation

    After a long delay (one month, to be precise), I present to you, via podcast, the audio from Greg, Bill and my presentation at NCTE’s 2006 Annual Convention.  The hour and fifteen minute workshop is about how we are using blogs with our students in different ways and for different purposes.  My contribution […]

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No Stories Left Behind

    Will wrote a post recently that is helping me to connect with a problem that might be beginning to stir in my blog, as well as others.  He writes/asks: I read lots of stories about kids who are getting it, even in Doug’s post, where they are reading and writing and commenting and […]

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