Web Presence. On Purpose.

I’m writing this morning from the , an event I’ve been fortunate enough to have been involved with as a facilitator since its inception last year.  This is the second time we’ve run the event, which is an attempt to provide some time and structure for teams from writing project sites who wish to think […]

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Student Portfolios

    We’re fiddling with text and other media hosting over at our school’s blogging experiment.  Stop on by and give us a hand or take a look.  There are wikis to help create, after all!

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Portfolio Progress

    My blogging students and I got to work today on our portfolios.  The end goal is to create a school-wide electronic portfolio system.  We’re the pilot.  Before we could get too far, we had to figure out some basics — pretty essential stuff like where we will host stuff and how we will […]

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