Not “New,” “Good”

Will writes this week about some thinking inspired by a tweet from John Pederson: So when John Tweeted “Community building is the new professional development” it really resonated, because it suggests that unlike most so-called pd that schools offer, getting our heads and our practice around this is a process, not an event. It’s learning, […]

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Off to Educon. You Come, Too.

I’m sitting at DIA about to board a flight to Philadelphia, headed to Educon. It should be a good conference, and much of it will be available online. I hope we all learn lots. And I hope you, wherever and whenever you are, come, too. Check out the wiki and join me and us. I […]

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NCTE Brain Dump

I am sitting in the lobby of my hotel in San Antonio, waiting for the shuttle to take me back to the airport. For the first time since I arrived here, I am sitting at a full keyboard to write instead of frantically thumbing words into my iPhone keyboard. Here in the lobby, I have […]

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The Podcast: NotK12Online: A Scaffold We Hope You Won’t Need, But Hope You’ll Help Us Build Anyway

In this podcast, recorded Friday, I talk a little bit about NotK12Online, the fine folks who will be helping me to put it together, some of my/our initial ideas, and the juicy paradox of the whole endeavour.  I’ve got a great committee of folks assembled to do the beginning planning – but we’ll need plenty […]

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The Podcast: Of Information & Knowledge

Today’s podcast is a short reflection on my learning experiences today, as well as some seriously first draft thinking about information and knowledge.  As always, I hope the conversation continues. Links The Colorado TIE Conference Tom Woodward The form – share your presence tools! Chatterous – TwitterChat Dave Cormier – “Rhizomatic Education: Community as Curriculum” […]

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Student Citizen Journalism

    Mary asked a question the other day that I thought was worth pulling into a main post.  She : Bud (and others), how do you envision students using CoverItLive for anything related to citizen journalism? -Mary I : Mary, What a great question. I’ve got a longer post that I’d like to write about […]

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