Quotes from Patri

At the recommendation of Gary Stager and Chris Lehmann, one of my summer reads is A Schoolmaster of the Great City by Angelo Patri.  Truly, there is nothing new under the sun. The book was written by Patri in 1917. It rings true, though, with much of what I worry about in our schools today. […]

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The Podcast: Driving from NECC

I always enjoy a good double meaning in a title, so I’m pleased that this podcast, recorded during my drive home from NECC, is called what it is.  I find myself driving at the moment, refreshed and recharged.  That’s what I wanted out of the conference.  I’m pleased it worked that way, and grateful to […]

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Goal #1 – Build Community

Goal:  Work to build multiple and overlapping communities of learners in our district who have knowledge, expertise and/or interest in the hardware and software and services that our district is supporting.  Help those communities to begin to learn from each other and to support each other in their teaching and learning.  As best as I […]

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“What Effective Computer-Using Educators Know about Teaching: An International Perspective”

I’ll be live blogging this session this morning.  Please join me as I record my thoughts and notes on the panel’s presentation.  Lookingforward to an international perspective on teaching, learning and what all teachers should know. The panelists for this session are Geoff Powell, Gary Stager, and Peter Skillen.

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Educational Play – Underrated

Learning Rocks Originally uploaded by Bud the Teacher Had a delightful and energizing time at the Constructivist Celebration on Sunday, a day of teacher play, experimentation and, in the words of Gary Stager, time spent with folks who have “a commitment to use computers in creative ways for the benefit of children.” I took my […]

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