Making Baskets

    I’ve got a piece in today’s Fort Collins Coloradoan on fear and writing and basketball.  The best part is that my students were a big piece of this column — I basically gave myself their first writing assignment and was able to model for them what I wanted them to do — take […]

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Error Correction

    I was pleased to join a bunch of folks over at EdTechTalk Sunday Edition #61 the other night.  It was an interesting hour of odds ‘n ends.  I do need to make a correction to soemthing I said during the webcast, though.  The has , not the 70 that I stated.    The […]

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Being Helpful

    I’ve learned as a teacher that the more I help others, the less time I have to complete my assigned daily work.  Pretty much, school systems are set up to punish the helpful.  I hope that’s not intentional.    Pretty much, the more I teach, the more I realize that I’ve got to […]

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    Kimberly was kind enough to mention a piece I wrote that has recently been published.  I had meant to mention it — but then the school year started.  (Remember summer?  I liked summer.)  She writes: I read a great article in the September 2006 issue of Classroom Connect’s Newsletter by Bud Hunt entitled […]

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The Pause

    Tomorrow is the first day of my fifth year of teaching high school.  I guess if I survive this year, I’ve dodged the "new teacher" bullet.   Right now, I’m trying to breathe calm breaths, eager to meet new students and to re-greet the old.      Here goes . . . .

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Opting out of Learning?

    Clarence asks an interesting question in regards to getting permission for technological tools: Do we ask the permission of parents before we give their kids pencils and paper and they give us their thoughts on other topics? buy levitra cheap If we are arguing that these tools are basic, and the use of […]

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Community Schooling

David Jakes gets it right when he writes about who should have the ultimate say in who gets to decide whether or not certain schools should have access to particular tools: The community makes the decision.  Yes, it’s probably the only answer that makes sense-the values, the beliefs, and the moral views that the community […]

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    I love this idea: Next month, the Sci Fi Channel is hosting a kick-off event in conjunction with Wired’s NextFest to announce their new public affairs initiative. Visions For Tomorrow is a multi-platform, national public affairs campaign to "inspire individuals, organizations, and policymakers to meet the growing challenges of the future and advance […]

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    I really like Alicia’s description of the first day of school: I looked over the balcony, down at the kids, thinking that those were the students I would get to know over the next nine months. Months from now I will look down and know who they were, but for a few moments […]

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