I Was a Fat Kid. I Still Am.

I really appreciated Jennifer’s post last week about body image and where she saw large kids reflected, or misreflected, in literature. It reminded me of my experience. Because I was the fat kid. Still am, in fact. I remember the jokes and the uncomfortable moments and an awful lot of Bud Light references.1 And it’s […]

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Some Truth Amidst Our Tourism

My family spent some time today in Mesa Verde National Park. It’s my third or fourth trip here since my parents moved us to Colorado when I was in junior high school. I was excited to be there in part because it’s beautiful, in another part because it’s fascinating history, and in a third part […]

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#CMK18 – Building The Metaphor Muse

I’m writing a series of posts about my experiences at CMK. They’re not necessarily in chronological order. They’ll all make better sense together, so check back and read the whole series. At CMK, Carla Rinaldi shared with us powerful experiences from the Reggio Emilia perspective. There’s much to say about her talk, the feelings it […]

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#CMK18 – Day 1

I’m writing this morning from Manchester, New Hampshire, where I’m about to begin the second day of Constructing Modern Knowledge, a week-long workshop/summer camp/makerspace/learning conference. Put on by Gary and Sylvia, with a cast and crew of plenty of smart and makery others, the event is an opportunity for curious learners to come together around […]

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