A Belated Answer

    About a week ago, Brian posted: Paul Hamilton  left this comment on my last post: This week, I did a workshop for classroom teachers on using blogging in the classroom as one UDL approach for ALL learners. There were questions about the quality of posted student writing. So, here are my questions to […]

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IB TOK Blogging OK By Me

    My friend and colleague Jason is beginning some new blogging work with his students.  You might be interested, particularly if you teach IB Theory of Knowledge.  (One great thing about the IB Diploma pPogramme is that all students must take an epistemology course.  I wish that everyone took a class about how we […]

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Hooray for E-mail

    The district just north south of where I live and just south north of where I work is going to begin offering e-mail accounts to many of its students if a vote goes well at a board meeting tomorrow night.  That’s not a super big deal.  What is is the reason why they’re […]

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Questions on Collaboration

    Ben shares a frustrating experience he’s having with a collaborative partnership torn asunder by parental concerns in a different state.  Lots to think about here, amidst the perceived parental overreaction, but I’m particularly interested in the comments from students on their collaborative wiki about the issue.  They’re frustrated — but are communicating, too, […]

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No e-mails. Please.

    I’m working with a teacher that would like to take his students online for a short time.   Quick.  And there’s a rule in place that he cannot expose his students’ e-mails to public scrutiny, presumably because the IT folks in his area don’t want students to be left open to strangers contacting them.  […]

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A Small Victory

    Good news from my hometown school district.  Jason writes: I’m actually sitting at my computer at school writing this post. My district FINALLY decided to unblock Blogger for educational purposes.  They used my TOK blog as evidence for its usefulness and they finally agreed… so now you are free as PSD teachers to […]

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A Better Tasting Drupal

    I’ve had a quick peek at FunnyMonkey‘s new flavor of Drupal, soon to be DrupalEd.  It’s pretty dynamically fantastic, despite the fact that it’s in alpha/beta.  Here’s the annoucement: In conjunction with our work within the Drupal community and with OpenAcademic, we have brought a site live for people to check out: http://drupaled.alphabetademo.org […]

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Blogger might be my tool

    According to TechCrunch, Blogger is finally updating its blogging tool.  That’s a good thing, as all I really need for Blogger to do that it doesn’t do right now is tags.  According to the review, tags are coming, as is the ability to "privatize" content.  (Man, someday I need to figure out the […]

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