Drop the Fines, Dammit.

From time to time, I counsel other libraries on how to think about fines and fees and service charges, both from a technical perspective but also from a philosophical one. Last week, I had one of these conversations, and, as I’m trying to rekindle a public writing habit, I thought I’d recount some thoughts from […]

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What’s the Pretty Thing?

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to sit in on a conversation with some smart folks in the maker education community1. We were continuing a conversation we started on Twitter a month or so back. You can watch a recording of yesterday’s piece of the conversation here. You should listen/watch the conversation. I learned a lot […]

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I Was a Fat Kid. I Still Am.

I really appreciated Jennifer’s post last week about body image and where she saw large kids reflected, or misreflected, in literature. It reminded me of my experience. Because I was the fat kid. Still am, in fact. I remember the jokes and the uncomfortable moments and an awful lot of Bud Light references.1 And it’s […]

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Custodians of Magic & Wonder

I’ve been working for a little more than two years as a library administrator, and am awful lot of my work of late has been planning for the future of the Clearview Library District, my workplace home. We’re dreaming hard and big right now about what we want the future of our library community to look […]

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