This Is Not a Post About Teaching with Wordle.

I play Wordle.

I love that it’s a love story. I like that it’s got a clean beginning, middle, and end.

It’s something to do with words and my brain for a few minutes.

What I noticed yesterday, pretty much by accident, is something that I like, too.

Every Wordle attempt is a two to six word puzzle. Look. Here’s Julia’s from yesterday ((She showed it to me for another reason and that’s when I realized that she’d written a poem. A good one.)):

Julia s Wordle January 11th 2022

I was going to save mine from yesterday, but I forgot. And now it’s gone. ((I like that about Wordle, too.)) I can’t share today’s because maybe you’ve not played today yet. But if you’re playing Wordle – take a look at your board from today. Is it a poem?

If it is, wait until tomorrow (because spoilers!) and share a picture of the grid.

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