#NPM2018: Prompt 20

2 thoughts on “#NPM2018: Prompt 20

  1. Your fingers run lightly
    over the keys, a Sonata
    in C, I believe, as passersby
    hear but don’t listen.
    I sit, outside your frame,
    watching your body
    sway in time to the rhythm
    of some long-ago memory,
    a postcard wrapped up
    in song.

    — Kevin

  2. Piano Lessons

    I never got piano lessons.
    save for music videos of
    rock stars banging

    I never got piano lessons
    save for a keyboard at Christmas
    that I used to learn what
    Bossa Nova means

    I never got piano lessons
    but in a pinch
    I can play three chords in
    busted rhythms.

    I never got piano lessons
    though my steering wheel bears the scars
    of all the finest piano rock
    played at high volume.

    At a fork in my quantum self
    there’s a me with three/five/seven years of experience
    playing and trying and exploring and
    being a piano guy.
    I’m third shift at all the places
    I never get to go to anymore.

    I forego the tip jar and just play from the heart.
    On my steering wheel
    three chords
    in busted rhythms.
    And it’s enough.

    My daughters get piano lessons.

    — Bud Hunt
    April 21st, 2018

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