#NPM2018: Prompt 4

Brrr.  But here we are. (Where are we again?)

photo by: James P. Mann

2 thoughts on “#NPM2018: Prompt 4

  1. Warming Up

    To wake with cold and venture forth
    To leave the warmth of winter home
    And brave the cold and dark alone.

    To trudge through freshly fallen snow
    To scrape a windshield squeaky clear
    And wind blows doubts, increases fear.

    We push it back. We move along.
    Small steps forward, seldom wrong
    This chance is short. The night so long.

    For here it is, another chance.
    To face the cold, and dance the dance.
    (Be patient, please. Adjusting stance.)

    — Bud Hunt
    April 4th, 2018


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