The #WHChamps Event Will Be Streamed

I’m writing this morning from Washington, D.C., where later today, they’ll be honoring the Connected Educator Champions for Change in a ceremony at the White House complex1.  

If you’d like to watch the event, they’ll be streaming it on the White House streaming site.  Please join us at 2pm Eastern, noon Mountain, today and learn along with me.  The hashtag the White House prefers, if you’re going to be tweeting along, is #WHChamps.  I’m not yet sure what my connectivity will be in the room, but you can bet that if I can get to an Internet connection during that time, I most certainly will.  

While you wait, head over to the Champions for Change website where you can learn more about the Connected Educator Champions for Change and what they’re up to in their work.

  1. The “complex” is code for “At the Eisenhower Executive Office Building next door.”  But I’m off for a White House tour this morning, so I’m certainly getting the full experience. []

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