I too struggle with the very same thing! I distinctly remember a moment reading something so asinine, quickly writing a comment, and hovering with my finger over the “enter” key like it was a trigger. I eventually decided not to go through with it due to the social consequences, but it was so hard! Remembering that “every post or comment is not a direct challenge to me” I think can be a huge help. Its amazing how much Facebook has caused us to “know” each other. Its created a completely new culture of social etiquette, namely because there are no immediate social consequences to our posts. I also believe that its a crime to sit back and say nothing, which is why I do my fair share of posting about issues that I care deeply about. I don’t do it to be controversial; I do it because I genuinely care about making the world better. If I can continue speaking my truth, and remember your quote, I think I”ll be ok. I love your poem about 9-11. Reading it caused emotions I didn’t expect to feel since it happened so long ago. I’d love to read it to my future English class every year on 9-11!