The Week in Tweets for 2012-08-06

  • Overheard at Innovation Academy this morning: What’s another word for “ideate?” Fifteen students, loudly: “BRAINSTORM!” #
  • Enjoying listening to students talk through prototype ideas. Sometimes a good question derails an entire prototype – in a good way. #
  • Fiddling with Explain Everything. It’s a pretty functional iOS media building app. #
  • So @milobo is walking us through Configurator for iOS. Yeah. These devices just aren’t designed to be managed. Sigh. #
  • This, combined with the silly new device filtering requirements now in Colorado law, makes me think that iPads are a bad enterprise buy. #
  • (Under old ways of thinking about this stuff, of course.) New models. #
  • .@milobo: “The confusing part . . .” Me: “THE?” (This whole thing is a mess. Apple responding to schools’ desire to manage this stuff.) #
  • I’ll give Apple some credit – they at least tried to reverse engineer a solution. #
  • @Twilliamson15 Yep. I’ve seen a couple of okay Android management tools – so long as you don’t mind ever updating the OS. in reply to Twilliamson15 #
  • @DanAgins It’s not what I’d call “easy.” in reply to DanAgins #
  • @gregkulowiec Indeed. @milobo is a pro – but this is a wonky process. in reply to gregkulowiec #
  • @schinker I don’t think THEY want the control. They want the consumer to have it. No middlepeople. Which I get. in reply to schinker #
  • @brandtschneider Not my call, alas. And state law now requires some form of management. in reply to brandtschneider #
  • You guys, Ms. the Teacher has made pretzel rolls. From scratch. #luckyme #
  • In other news, there’s an angry blog post in the hopper. Have to get the angry out. Angry doesn’t help. #
  • @stumpteacher A bad assumption made by a writer in the WSJ this morning. in reply to stumpteacher #
  • Also – if Connected Educator Month results in many more teachers with Twitter accounts, well, that’s hardly a plus. Hope there’s depth. #
  • @MsEstep You can do it. in reply to MsEstep #
  • @bonstewart Think with your fingers. Sort it out later. in reply to bonstewart #
  • Guitar lesson time. #
  • @willrich45 Yep. in reply to willrich45 #
  • @MsEstep Teaching. in reply to MsEstep #
  • They should serve breakfast because it’s the right thing to do – not because it’ll boost test scores. Alas. #
  • (Maybe we all should.) #
  • Digitizing lots of the unnecessary paper in my office. Having trouble cramming all the three ring binders I’ve accumulated into scanner. #
  • @CurriculumTalk Don’t let that get out. But maybe. in reply to CurriculumTalk #
  • Can a computer clubhouse and a maker space live in the same space? I’m thinking they can. #
  • @HollyEdTechDiva Is #edchat actually “something?” What counts and who decides? in reply to HollyEdTechDiva #
  • Wondering quite seriously about using different views of the same image for an Ignite talk. #
  • @dhudgins November. So there’s adequate time to ponder. in reply to dhudgins #
  • I know there’s much to worry about in the business of sports, but it still was a pleasure to see the US women’s gymnastics team win gold. #
  • Prototyping with middle schoolers – which means I’m mostly driving nails and screws. Nothing wrong with that. #
  • Best. Sign. Ever.(Well, okay. It’s at least pretty good.) #
  • Browsers shouldn’t let us open more tabs than they can handle. That only leads to trouble. #
  • @kadding True that. in reply to kadding #
  • @engaginged I regularly open enough that my browsers die a sad, slow death. They should know better. in reply to engaginged #
  • Students have been prototyping and making for most of the morning. Audible groans when time to take a break & stop for the day. Good sign. #
  • Catching up on _The Newsroom_ tonight. I know it’s corny. But it’s so good. #
  • @notperfect It’s just so good. in reply to notperfect #
  • Also, I just finished another round of _Sports Night_, and I might be suffering from Sorkin withdrawal. #
  • @notperfect We liked _Studio_ – but it got lost mid-season, I thought. Which was too bad. in reply to notperfect #
  • Anyone else having trouble uploading photos to @cowbird? Been unsuccessful several times over last few days. #
  • Hey @edcocp – Your Twitter account’s got a bad case of repeatsies. Every post is posting five times. In a row. That’s probably too many. #
  • Here’s an update from @jonbecker on the teacher research project we started a while back. Not dead. Just resting. #
  • @jonbecker Bouncing. Quite right. in reply to jonbecker #
  • Fresh Legos. Oh, the possibilities. #makehackplay #
  • @bengrey Present. in reply to bengrey #
  • @bengrey Indeed. in reply to bengrey #
  • @rwentechaney @bengrey I think “new medium old behavior” is mostly right – but there’s some newness in there. And some differing scale. in reply to rwentechaney #
  • @rwentechaney @bengrey I’d also say that it’s an extension of most thoughtful media literacy programs. Know the systems you’re in. in reply to rwentechaney #
  • Sweet. #
  • @jeffk8 You’re in for a treat. Good stuff. in reply to jeffk8 #
  • SVVSD’s @kadding is sharing his work on digital textbooks today at the #gafesummit If you can, you should go. #
  • So @milobo said some of my favorite words just now: “I need to do what you do,” she said. High praise from a fine colleague. #
  • @KevinSlick1 I don’t know the answers to either question – but @kadding should be able to answer them. in reply to KevinSlick1 #
  • Until just now, I’d never heard “Call Me Maybe.” So there’s a life moment, recorded right here. All that follows follows that. #
  • Editorial comment about previous tweet: That was it? That was the big deal? #
  • @bjfr True. “Friday,” though, is different. That’s a big deal. in reply to bjfr #
  • Working my way through every option that’s configurable in our Moodle. So you don’t have to. #
  • It’s Friday night. And the mood is right. Gonna have some fun,

    Show you how it’s done . . . #

  • (I blame network television for most of what’s stuck in my head.) #
  • I’m disappointed in Twitter that the end of that verse wasn’t sent back already. Seems like folks have things to do on Friday nights. #
  • @crafty184 Know the company. Trading email with some of those folks. If his name is Jeff, tell him Bud from Longmont says hi. in reply to crafty184 #
  • @crafty184 Enjoy the class. Sparkfun’s a good bunch of folks. in reply to crafty184 #
  • @briancsmith @crafty184 Shouldn’t it work with all Arduino boards, then? in reply to briancsmith #
  • @anterobot Sure. What’re y’all in the mood for? in reply to anterobot #
  • @anterobot Well, the Pumphouse. Or Mike O’Shays. Or Pinocchio’s if you dig Italian. Are some starters. Take a peek at menus. in reply to anterobot #
  • Birthday cake. #
  • @brennyjo @annaotto5280 Definitively? No. In my experience, your best bet is to run Windows on that Mac. in reply to brennyjo #
  • @brennyjo @annaotto5280 Yeah. Maybe don’t do Publisher – or have them convert to PDF for your viewing? in reply to brennyjo #
  • Wow. I can watch a live stream of a Mars landing. On my phone. Go get ’em, @NASA. #
  • @brennyjo @annaotto5280 Or put Windows on your Mac. I always do. in reply to brennyjo #
  • @brennyjo @scottelias @annaotto5280 Quark and Adobe have fine layout tools. Not cheap, though. in reply to brennyjo #
  • @brennyjo @annaotto5280 Two easy ways – Bootcamp or Parallels. Parallels is my favorite. in reply to brennyjo #
  • @brennyjo @annaotto5280 Not free. But worth it. Search away. in reply to brennyjo #

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