Tracking lurking is an interesting concept. Great learning can happen in classrooms even when students may not speak out. I’ve learned a lot when listening. And yet in a classroom, at the very least that can be sensed by expressions on faces and certainly by the fact they are present.

A couple of courses where I used NING I added a google analytics tracker and I was clear with my students it wasn’t to be big brother but to indeed see if there was a correlation between time spent and learning. Certainly, it wouldn’t be able to make any hard claims but it did prove somewhat accurate in terms of the products and thinking they produced. I’m not surprised. I guess the little tracker was more for my own sense of what they found valuable and what they didn’t.

Lurking is a perfectly acceptable way to begin a journey and in some cases may be good enough at times. As a facilitator, you do need some assurance that the spaces you create and opportunities you design has value. In the end, the best measure for that is something that’s shared with you.