I’ve troubled by the same question throughout my 35-year academic year & especially in the last few years as I’ve struggled to help students to ‘get’ social media in the context of their learning. My latest effort is to encourage students to generate a LearnStream motivated by assessment with advocacy as a by-product:


Because students ‘like’ Facebook so much, I am experimenting with posting my LearnStream on MY Facebook Timeline:


BUT you wouldn’t be able to see it YET unless you have also published YOUR Timeline. In the long run, I’d prefer to display it on my Facebook PAGE:


BUT that won’t be possible until Pages get Timelines!

No matter where one publishes his LearnStream, this is all about building a positive digital footprint which I’m currently trying to motivate with my teenage daughter’s classmates:


It’s pretty slow going BUT I JUST it this school year so I’ll keep plugging along. In the meantime, I have initiated a dialogue on this approach with my district’s administration so follow http://about.LearnStream.info & http://twitter.com/LearnStream to track my progress 🙂