The Podcast: Two Fall Projects

In today’s podcast, I talk about a couple of projects that are keeping me pretty busy this fall – finishing my thesis and building  with some friends from the NWP.  Oddly, they go together.  Which is a good thing.  Keep your fingers crossed.  And, as always, would love to hear your thoughts in response to […]

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The Week in Tweets for 2011-08-29

Taking my favorite about-to-be 1st grader to breakfast. # Here's the first grader. # Her pancake was epic. The conversation was good, too. # @mazinbenny Hope all goes well. in reply to mazinbenny # Time for revisions to a piece we wrote a while back. I remember when I regularly waited months from […]

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On Skinned Knees & Lessons Learned

It’s skinned knee season in our home, with two girls riding bikes of the two and four-wheeled variety, and a third toddling along just behind – ready for far more than she’s capable of. And I’m not one to stop someone who’s trying to make progress, even if that progress might be dangerous. So we’ve […]

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Connective Children. Nothing New?

This afternoon, Mary Ann and WIll were talking a bit about Kindergarten standards.  I butted in.1 And Mary Ann and I, and some others, worked our way into a conversation back and forth talking at one another chat about a post of Mary Ann’s.  You should read the post2.  As I read it, I was […]

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"Pummeled by a Deluge"

Rebecca Blood, a lifetime ago in Internet time, : We are being pummeled by a deluge of data and unless we create time and spaces in which to reflect, we will be left with only our reactions. And when I read Dean yesterday talking of owning one’s space to share one’s words, and then Tony’s […]

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The Week in Tweets for 2011-08-22

@crafty184 Thanks. Considered that. But I needed an excuse to fiddle with Scrivener, I guess, so giving myself a week with it. in reply to crafty184 # @crafty184 Likely your suggestion is smarter. But at least this way I can fiddle with knobs when I get stuck. in reply to crafty184 # @crafty184 I've wanted […]

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On Being Afraid

On Friday, Converge did a quite nice write up of some of our district’s work with technology. I found it to be a splendid piece. Specifically, a large portion of the article featured some of the work we’ve been doing with the Digital Learning Collaborative. If you need a one sentence summary of that work, […]

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In Good Hands

One of the honors and privileges of my current position is that I get to work with some really smart people.  I mean wise folks.  The folks I want my children to learn with and from. And I get the opportunity, from time to time, to see these smart folks in action. This year, on the first […]

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