I really like Jennifer’s analogy of the pie slices and I agree with her. It
makes even more sense than the old adage about the different hats we wear because we are many things at once. But I would say that the analyzation and self reflection actually extremely important and need to be evaluated consistently. We as professionals need to be aware of and promote the academic slice of our life in order to bring the respect that doctors and other professionals enjoy to our own profession. It is sorely lacking right now. Real change in a profession comes from within and others will follow where we lead. But we also have to be careful to demonstrate the slices are still part of the whole — we are still ourselves matter the place or time or media and need to hold true to our essential core values. The artifacts of our lives should reflect who we are be they digital or otherwise because almost everything is permanent anymore and can be traced back to you. Students have a hard time grasping this. I use FB to share my day with family and friends so that purpose
makes the part of me I share there more personal but I never forget the professional part of me there. I dont friend students there. Not because I am trying to create dichotomy between my professional life and my personal life ( which is not truly possible on a public venue like FB anyway) but because I dont use it to communicate with students. Some of my colleagues do and that’s fine. But if I changed it’s purpose and audience I would have to change my register and FB would not be enjoyable for me anymore. But everything I do and say has purpose and meaning and reflects me. It doesn’t mean I won’t make mistakes but I own those too. Students make sometimes dangerous distinctions between different selves in different contexts instead of maturely adjusting for different situations and staying true to themselves. It is our job to help them learn to do that.