Hey Bud. I would have to agree with you on this one (not that I don’t agree with you on other ones). My life is overly stratified as it is. Wife, kids, family, church, work, friends, bills, groceries, laundry…and so on. To think that I should have a different “me” for each one of those would instantly provide substantial cause to commit me to an asylum. I’m me. I’m not perfect and I don’t always think before speaking/acting/stepping. There are many aspects of “me” that are more prevalent in different circumstances, but they all reflect back on the core “me”. I have adopted a handful of principles, core believes and values, a faith that guides me in what I do each and every day. I try to stay true to them; whether it’s in politics, parenting, procrastinating, etc. My “social me” is very much the “real me” that you would get face to face. I hope that those you have met me would agree. I perhaps hold back a bit, until comfortable, but in the end everyone gets “me”.

Perhaps it’s not a question of having different “me”s but a question of context; social norms; how to act accordingly. Or maybe I missed your point all together.

Either way, it was a good read. Made me think. We all need to think about our “me”; how many “me”s we should have; or if it should just be one “me” that understands social/professional/familial contexts.