NPM 2011: Prompt 8

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The signal says stop.  So?

10 thoughts on “NPM 2011: Prompt 8

  1. We sighed on the road
    when seeing this sign

    A little longer
    We could not bear

    A little longer
    We lost control

    We said our little prayers
    In our favor
    The angel would come
    Stop the time

    Lynn Chang 4.8

  2. it was not
    the trio of red lights
    that stopped him

    the epic sky
    sun through clouds
    like the fingertips of God

    not red lights
    the soundtrack of a sinner on the radio
    the hum of absolution
    drowning out the honking.
    Andrea´s last blog post ..poemaday 7

  3. “Moving Volition”

    I’ve noticed as I’ve grown older—
    and more driven—
    that the weekend becomes much like
    the “Michigan stop.”

    Surely you know the driving technique
    of which I am speaking,
    wherein the driver slows slightly at a sign,
    gently rolling through before speeding up again.

    How a Friday presents itself,
    like an yellow-vested afternoon volunteer,
    signaling a stop, but I can only slow
    looking both ways for errands in the crosswalk.

    Gently easing back into the Monday routine,
    looking for any authority in the rearview
    who might pull me over and ask,
    “Where’s the fire, friend?”

    And I’ll have to dig out my license,
    from the roll-top desk to prove
    that I have immunity, I’m carrying
    a hope to the future, a customer who pays well

    but will not forgive a tardy.

  4. Walking with purpose was part of HER
    She had always known where she was going
    Straight to the top with plans to
    Smash the glass ceiling
    Her life an intricate model of efficiency
    Acting as the road map to get her there

    Instead of juggling a venti latte, client calls on her company cell, and a mental to-do list of epic proportions
    She crossed this same street she’d crossed a million times
    With boxes that held her former life
    Without ever noticing that for once
    The lights were all red as she arrived
    Allowing her to move on
    Without having to remember
    What it used to feel like to have to wait

  5. stop Stop STOP
    but no one listened
    they kept on going
    despite the danger
    ignoring the warnings
    only seeing green
    I stayed behind
    too afraid to break the rules
    wanting to stay safe
    but I’m alone in my caution
    and I want to go forward, to turn
    but I’m waiting for the light to change
    waiting for my life to change

  6. A red-neck kinda girl
    That’s what I am
    Burning in the scorching fire
    Yet, I don’t have a scratch on me
    Not tipping because the waiter was annoying
    Not bothering to get the door for someone
    Just to prove I don’t care
    Bumping the car in front of me
    As impatient as I am
    Getting tickets
    Is like getting a time out for a 3 year old
    Like a cut on your hand
    A nick on your knee
    I just don’t worry
    I float like a ghost
    From place to place
    I skip a red light
    Almost everyday

  7. The signal says stop
    so why is the light saying go
    why are the lights red
    but directing another one to go.

    The signal says stop
    so why not get in the turning lane
    only to figure out caution at the
    red turn light
    its taking you down a whole
    different lane.

    The signal says stop
    so I pause for a
    its not making sense
    the light shouldn’t
    reflect a turn signal.

    Directing traffic into danger
    beware these lights seem to
    have a little bit of anger.

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