This is very well said. I haven’t seen the “Superman” documentary or read enough about it to have an opinion one way or the other, but I know teachers have been in an untenable position for a LONG time now. To put in in Palinese (which I hope is my last time ever) NCLB put and kept teachers in the crosshairs of public attack for as long as it was in play. It was ill conceived and gave non-educators a great place to stand and throw rocks. I can’t think of a profession with as many “expert” critics who know nothing about that profession. Yeah, we should probably have a better screening system in higher education to direct those personality types who aren’t likely to do well in teaching, away from it in the first place. But there are damn few citizens who know what it takes to walk that high thin tightrope between human connection with the student and delivery of academic content in a way it can be received. If most of them underwent the uninformed public scrutiny in their jobs that teachers are subjected to on a daily basis, they’d probably find a new line of work.