The Week in Tweets for 2010-07-12

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4 thoughts on “The Week in Tweets for 2010-07-12

    1. Thanks. I’m really interested in Evernote as my outboard brain – and continue to find new uses for the service. But I’ve heard other people say good things about Backupify, so I should probably check it out.

      1. Ha, I’ve been resisting the urge to try Evernote, but I probably should give it a try. So many good reviews can’t be wrong.

        Does Evernote cover the same territory as backupify, i.e. does it backup cloud services?

        1. No. It is a cloud storage service, but, to my knowledge, doesn’t sync up with other services as you might use Backupify. Just created a Backupify account to see what that gets me.

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