NPM 2010: Prompt 30

Down a Hallway at Camarillo State Hospital
Creative Commons License photo credit: Grendl

Adventure (or tedium) awaits.  Your call.

4 thoughts on “NPM 2010: Prompt 30

  1. (Bud, thank you for sharing the images and giving me a home to write poetry each day. For the rest of the poets who took part, thank you for sharing your words here when you could and for any feedback you may have left for me. — Kevin)

    I’m forever letting my tongue dance
    over phrases
    and even while the silent world ignores me,
    I continue on with my “inside” compositions,
    scribbling alone in the dark corner of my mind,
    turning ideas over like compost as I wait
    for the flowers to bloom.
    I’ve come to the realization that not everyone hears
    the words as I hear them,
    nor do they dance to the same rhythm,
    and so,
    what begins as a conversation among many
    often ends as a monologue of one.

  2. Your thoughts
    echoed on the
    surrounding walls
    by choice
    you claimed.

    You spat distaste
    and I only gave love
    when the time was right
    not during daylight savings.

    I wanted and waited
    like the new gatekeeper of hell
    but you didn’t come,
    you, like everyone,
    had seen the light

  3. writing each day in a cage
    breaking through & free with each word
    the corridor awaits me to continue
    yet I feel lost again
    not sure which door to try
    of if I even have the key
    but I do see an exit ahead
    out of this cage
    and into the light!

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