NPM 2010: Prompt 29

Nautical Wedding
Creative Commons License photo credit: Sarah Parrott

You going?

4 thoughts on “NPM 2010: Prompt 29

  1. only 2 more poems left….sigh….I will need to find something to keep me disciplined….
    I’m still mulling over this one….have to get to school to prepare for a “Game Day” since we had to cxl the 1st grade field trip to Chautauqua.

  2. You cruised right by me as an unexpected pleasure
    your ego billowing all over my sea,
    I thought perhaps I was your treasure,
    my heart your map for all you need.
    Instead you move your vessel to an alternating course
    You read the stars so differently, away from me
    no memory or remorse.

    1. btw: I did not look carefully or notice til after that it was an invite/directions, etc. I thought it was a cruise brochure….
      hmmm…..maybe I’ll try another?

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