NPM 2010: Prompt 21

Closed for business
Creative Commons License photo credit: maistora

Can’t get in?  Or can’t get out?

3 thoughts on “NPM 2010: Prompt 21

  1. My daughter is in bed with me right now, a bit bothered by the lightning. So I showed her the picture and asked her to tell me about what she sees…I’m picking out the gems of her story:

    There’s an elf locked behind this door of green
    actually many elves
    cleaning up a secret mess
    hiding from Santa

    But Santa has the key
    tucked in his pocket
    and sneaks in to help
    then gathers them all for a ride in his sleigh

    They fly to the village
    on the eve of Christmas
    presents awaiting the trees
    for a morning of joy & surprise

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