NPM 2010: Prompt 19

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Go ahead.  Take a bite.

6 thoughts on “NPM 2010: Prompt 19

  1. (I did something a little different this morning. I’ve been struck by how your images are taking me in very different directions than I would have expected, Bud. So, I turned on my microphone this morning and tried to “talk” my way through the writing of this poem before I even saw the picture. I was interested in trying to capture the writing and thinking this morning. Here is the podcast — — it’s about 15 minutes long.)


    In the orchard, I climb trees
    in places where the branches twist and turn
    as if they are a road map to some forgotten place
    and my eyes travel these roads to remember.

    I swerve to avoid the humming bees,
    and ignore the other travelers along the road
    as I reach out my fingers to grasp the treasures
    of time and space.

    In the orchard, I remember the taste of memory
    as sweetness and sour
    and bite into life with my eyes closed,
    thinking always that this moment may soon disappear.

    I rest, weary, on the damp grass
    and gaze up through the branches, again,
    my vision zigzagging towards the blue sky above;
    my world crunching in my mouth.

    In the orchard, I climb trees
    in places where the branches twist and turn …

    1. I really enjoyed this Kevin! Great thought process recorded. Loved hearing the keyboard and listening to your changes.
      No time to write mine this am. I’ve been switching gears and writing mine in the evening. Too much on my Monday mind.

      1. ps
        However, my brain is taking me on a teacher route…can’t help it…the apple seems to be a “symbol” of teaching…

    2. Teagan and Quinn and I listened to your podcast on our way down the road this morning, Kevin. What a great idea – thank you for letting us into your head and taking us through your process. I’m wondering how the act of talking about your process affected that process. And I dig the poem.

      1. I was worried that I would be too self-conscious about the writing of the poem (and hoped you had something good waiting for me at your site), and that I would freeze up and write a crappy poem.
        But it went fine and I just tried to will myself to talk through what I was thinking as I was writing. It was pretty fascinating, actually, because I had to articulate that which is normally not articulated — like, moving to present tense, or deleting a word, etc — as I write.
        And of course, I love to hear myself talk … (ha). Plus, the dogs kept looking around, wondering who I was talking to.


  2. The Teacher vs The Apple
    Go ahead. Take a bite!
    How many bites can an apple sustain?
    Depends on the size of the mouth.
    But what of the teacher?
    How many many bites can this sage endure?
    Depends on the size of the mouth.
    Juicy learning & crunchy inquiry
    Saucy brains or a pie full of scholars
    A bite a day
    Keeps the teacher on task

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