I am sorry that people were hurt — but I do thank you for writing this post.

I truly am a huge fan of Chris (always will be) — his humility, his genuineness, and his vision and love for students is admirable and not often seen in most administrators.

I truly enjoyed my time at SLA at the first Educon — and follow their progress from tweets from Chris and visits to their website. They are doing fantastic things.

The dynamics at that school are fantastic and even if we tried to duplicate them — it would be impossible without a full cloning of staff, buildings, students, environment, etc. And I am so glad you shared this post.

SLA has many many MANY qualities that need to be used as examples within our schools. But being a SLA clone can’t be one.

I think the ONE thing that CL does very well (that we all need to duplicate immediately) is the fact that I have NEVER heard him share the downsides of his school. Everything is always the positive. I am sure there is “junk” but at least in print (twitter, blog posts, articles) he emphasizes the good — always the good. That is something we should all duplicate immediately……

Thanks for posting this.