As someone that is excited to be heading out to Educon in a few days; I have to admit that your post is timely, honest, and thought provoking.
It is not just about this conference, but it’s about the conversations that come and continue because of it. We should be appreciating and building upon every learning experience, including day to day reminders in the classroom., that’s a no-brainer. And after reflection, looking at what we do well and how can we connect with more educators and more teachers. I love your quote, Good schools are about people honestly and intentionally working together very purposefully.” I agree, I am proud of my profession that we have made the strides we have from the first Educon. I think the conversations are being had and the climate is changing. I get excited when I hear about un-conferences becoming more prevalent across the country. Is it fast enough, no, but its forward. The last decade has been great for education, I am looking forward to the next steps.