Your blog has been giving me so much to think about. You seem to have a solid and strong position on this topic and I think the distinction you make that others do not is that you see (as you mention other places on this blog) all online activity as public space. I think with so much fear about online predators and inappropriate relationships between teachers and students (I was unlucky enough to stumble upon one of my colleagues having an affair with a student), that no one wants to be accused or thought of as crossing any lines. I know I have mixed feelings about the subject so if this seems tangential or unclear—forgive, I’m working through it. I agree with you that it is best to think of our online voices as public ones. And I agree that we have to make sacrifices to do this. I guess my hiccup is this: I think there are different layers of public and I don’t know if I want my worlds colliding. For example, I’m an adult and I might want to do adult things, think about adult things, talk about those adult things. Now, when I say “adult” I just mean things that I don’t think are for the young people in my life. Maybe I would go to a bar and have a glass of wine with my husband. That’s public and adult; but I don’t think it’s really the sort of thing I want to share with my students. Or back to worlds colliding, I’m a mommy to some I know and I might want to talk about breast feeding or poopy diapers—but not with my freshmen boys. They just don’t need to think of me in that light. This has been a bit of a problem I’ve had with Facebook. I have different personas. I can’t decide if this is something that technology should accommodate. I’d like to have different friend circles. In physical public, I’m not the sort to stand with a megaphone announcing all of my business so why would I be that way online? Or should I change? Be more like you and Atticus Finch; be the same in my living room as I am on the street. I honestly don’t know but thanks for giving me a new angle to ponder. It feels like growth which is good no matter what I decide. To make one more comment on something you said, when it comes to gaining info about someone, especially a kid, in trouble, we must take care of each other.