You say,
“I’m going to try to come to a blog and write whenever I feel the urge to tweet. Might mean some short posts, might mean slightly longer ones.”

I just felt like a jump inside at reading that line.

Is it that networking long enough with a blogger makes your thoughts more synced? Perhaps I chose to stay tuned to your updates because we already are. Who knows.

I’ve been writing like that for a week. I find it is much easier to approach my blog that way. Just two drafts. Well, I’m a slow blogger and perhaps that will not necessarily change.

The trigger for this new approach was a tweet of yours saying “say more”. Remember? It made me think that sometimes I have to think before I post in Twitter. Sometimes the mind gets to a conclusion in an intuitive way. Tracing the steps that got me there in a blog post has been a challenging writing exercise.

I admit that when I realised I had run out of time and had to stop writing and go on with the post at my next opportunity made me a bit frustrated. I wanted to answer faster. This is a limitation I have never felt in Twitter. Yet, Twitter is limited.

The point is that not facing that Twitter comfort zone stretch of needing more time if it requires a post has been leading me to an overuse of one tool. This is where I went wrong.

I disagree with you on one point only. When you say that “there is more value in the long form”. To me, it is not a question of gradable value, but of what communicative/connective purpose each tool inherently favours.

Blog and Twitter intertwined rather than one overriding the other.
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