Great post on some real teaching and learning practice. So many points have struck a chord with me that I don’t know where to begin. As a kindergarten teacher, I am comfortable with narrowing down the expected learning to a few key points. From there come the questions that trigger the exploration and discovery, the collaboration and recording. The notebook you speak of will necessarily look different for younger students but the purpose can be the same – to record what the student sees and thinks about the objects studied. Critical elements of early childhood education include speaking and listening skills that are part of the literacy program. For this reason, I like to have the students speak about their observations. Very few kindergarten students will be able to write all that they see and think but encouraging their use of words to demonstrate and explain their thinking requires the same organizational skills they will need for writing later on. Here is an example of scientific study and exploration in our kindergarten earlier this year. I will be expanding my science program this year because the process has been simplified. Your teachers will be happy with this framework and will be able to collaborate meaningfully.