NPM2009: Prompt 8

Today, tell the Truth.  Not the truth, but the Truth.

Langston Hughes knew the difference:

Go home and write
    a page tonight.
    And let that page come out of you--
    Then, it will be true.

Do you?

11 thoughts on “NPM2009: Prompt 8

  1. If Langston is right …

    but he’s not, I fear,
    because if I wrote the truth
    then someone would get hurt;
    My words are daggers
    and the one who would get bleed the most
    would be me —
    so I edit this,
    I edit that,
    I tinker until the truth is squeezed out
    of my writing —
    but not my head,
    never my head —
    because as much as I cower in public
    behind false statements and insincere sentiments,
    in private, I am courageous
    and I fear nothing —
    and that is the truth.

    List to the poem:

    Kevin Hodgsons last blog post..Reflections on Digital Storytelling with Teachers

  2. is anonymity
    like speaking through curtains too thick
    for silhouettes.
    A stage with no spotlight
    soon brings the actor out and
    I become younger, or
    rich, or
    foreign, or

    The only thing I’m not is the truth.

  3. Ode to my High School English Teacher

    Today I poured my heart upon a page
    my fears
    and desires
    the ugliness inside me
    naked for him to see

    I told the truth for once
    my audacity
    and boldness
    the courage I exuded
    earned me an ‘F’

    He did not want the truth.

    Angela Stevenss last blog post..We’ve Got Openings!

  4. The Truth is not the truth because the truth is false,
    For one the Truth is True, and only the truth is false.
    If it is not True, then it is not True, and if it is not true, than it is True.
    So abstain from true and be True.

  5. If the truth came to spend the day
    It would turn around and walk away
    Because we speak a life of lies
    The truth would fall and start to cry
    Even though we say whats right
    It’s often changed, like “off-white”
    Speaking what you say is true,
    It’s mostly true, but just to you
    The truth is unknown and never wrong
    But in this world it don’t belong

  6. Betrayed again, I hate you so
    You gave to me love and hope

    I turned around and you hurt me more
    You turned around I showed you worse

    Destroyed the friendship upon a post
    I’ll reside along the coast

    With the sea my soul will shine
    You’re to busy living with a lie

  7. The truth is dead it haunts us all
    Making us lie until we fall
    The truth is lie and a myth
    Making our minds completely sick

    The reason we lie is simply
    Because we’re terrified
    Knowing we can’t handle it
    Is tormenting us every bit

    Everyone lies it’s the reason… we all die

  8. An optimist a pessimist and a plagiarist
    Sat round to chew the fat one winter’s night.
    The optimist spoke first upon the subject
    And posited quite clearly she was right.

    The pessimist spoke next with poisoned tongue
    That his opinion wasn’t worth a song,
    And summarised the issue with a sneer
    That far from being right, he was quite wrong.

    At last the plagiarist began to speak
    In imitation of what was heard that night,
    And reproduced to others what they’d said
    That “if you think you’re wrong you’re maybe right”.

    Ken Allans last blog post..The Definitive Investigation – Don Tapscott

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