I’ve been thinking about this for awhile now – and reading your post (and having time for some “incubation” of thoughts about what I saw, learned, experienced, and attempted at this year’s convention), I’m curious about how our time in San Antonio – in the bigger picture – plays into the impact of conventions within the Council (and the teaching of English). Bear with me as these are still a little rough – but – I’m a little worried that what we saw (however small the steps were – and given the insanity of having no access) was reflective of the agendas of two forward-thinking, “21st century minded” leaders in NCTE. I worry about how the energy that just started to build can be sustained — and how we can push back enough to make sure that this work doesn’t become the next thing that we shift away from when leadership might shift agendas… This came to mind for me as I read the call for proposals for the next convention — and I had big red flags and sirens in my head as I read the only specific nod toward 21st century learning captured in the prompt: “Are digital literacy and print literacy enemies or brothers?” Hmmm….. (I thought we’d answered that.) Perhaps I’m just tired – but knew you’d have an interesting (and needed) perspective.