Time for a New Button?

I read banned books

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I wonder if there’s a button with the slogan “I surf an unfiltered Internet,” or “I read filtered blogs.” Maybe “I read blocked blogs,” is better – more alliterative.

Along another line, perhaps a button with the message “I’d trust my kids in Al Upton’s classroom,” would be a good slogan, too.
Any graphic artists out there? I’ll buy in bulk.

9 thoughts on “Time for a New Button?

  1. I’ve seen different variations of this: http://tinyurl.com/5ugvmo in different countries where the government bans blogs or entire blog services (like WordPress). Depending on the country different colors have been used. Maybe red, white and blue for the US?

    I left additional comments at Change Agency (http://tinyurl.com/449627) about the plight of blogs around the world. My main point was this:
    “I hope that if people see the logical extension of censorship they will more vigorously cherish and fight for the right to speak.”


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