I didn’t really express myself clearly in my post but I think one way that is useful for me is the metaphoric idea of edublogging being like many, many different sized and shaped hoops scattered across the internet playground, intersecting and overlapping each other like a crazy Venn diagram. If we take two random bloggers (say you and me) there will be parts of our hoops that overlap and share common space …. on second thoughts, that doesn’t work either because things are not equally balanced. There are people I read and comment that ignore me, there are those who willingly engage and then there are those I read and move past without signalling my connection to them at all. Overlapping Venn diagrammatic shapes dictate shared interests and that doesn’t even come close to described the complexity of the ecosytem. Any simplistic description falls short in so many ways, it’s a wonder that anyone bothers to characterise the “edublogosphere” at all. Yet we continue to do so… and the following discussions result.