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Tonight’s short offering is a thought or two about an idea I had today.  Aggregating content is nothing new – but makes sense when you need a "new" project.  We could all use a few more connections to the good work we’re up to.  Would love to hear your thoughts, or anything you’re up to in this vein.  Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “The Podcast: A Project of Projects

  1. I like this post, Bud. There sure is a lot of great stuff already out there and creating connections among them is a good idea. (I’ve been mulling over the need for a grade-level-standards-tagging system for it all.)

    I’ve been doing some work in the open ed area lately and have found that people are happy to share. I hope that as you and others do things like this that the content is licensed under some type of open licenses like Creative Commons so that they can be readily used, mixed up, etc.

    Keep us posted on where you go with this!

  2. I think this is an interesting idea. I like the idea gathering all the fragmented pieces to see what is missing. Using that information can help assess the state of the district. I too work for a system that is very fragmented. I would be interested in seeing where the project/grant takes you.

  3. I hear you and second that idea. I was thinking about a wiki that would suffice as an Encyclopedia of Ecosystems. (Similar to Edward O. Wilson’s digital Encyclopedia of Life) Students (classes) would submit photos and descriptive information about their local ecosystems. Then, collect and post data on some aspect of that ecosystem. We have been collecting data for years, but have been having it bound for our own collection. It’s probably time that we shared!

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