This a very interesting subject…I just finished reading the Framing Blogging post…right now…I’m in the “frame” of mind that our blog…Go Furthur…is a space to write. I really haven’t “taught” my students how to blog…but in a way…I have…the way I “frame” the narrative for each post gives my students an idea of the type of writing that should be happening. For example…the Let’s Chat post on our blog allows students to connect to each other or myself. Have I actually used the comments on the post to teach my students how to connect to each other? No. Should I? I don’t know. What happens when I do that? I run the risk of getting back what Mr. Eye wants. Do I want that? Not necessarily. This is just one example though. I have another post on our blog that relates to literature I read to the class. Students comment about the text and connect to themselves as well as the world while doing so. Did I show them how to do this? No. Is that bad. I don’t think so. So what am I saying here? I guess its that you can teach students how to blog without teaching them…directly. By providing a narrative that leads students to explore and make the connections on their own…that’s where I’m at right now.