Footnotes? Me?

    I never thought I’d say/write this, but I’m finding that I need a way to create footnotes in a blog entry.  I use Typepad.  Does anyone know of how/where I can create footnotes, preferably linkable ones, inside of my blog?
  I’m writing a big post, and I need the ability to annotate it.  Suggestions?

7 thoughts on “Footnotes? Me?

  1. I don’t know the “real” way, but you can cheat. Make one post per footnote, backdate the post (however much you want), and link to the post.

    It’s kind of 20th century, but it works.

  2. I use them in my blog all the time. I’m using word press, so it may not work, but the html is:

    for the superscript:

    [sup]a href=”#footnote1″[1]/a][/sup]

    and for the note on the bottom:

    [p class=”footnote”][strong][a title=”footnote1″ name=”footnote1″][/a]1[/strong]

    The [hr/] tag is for the line at the bottom, and obviously the “1” and such change for successive footnotes. As I said, just about every entry has a few.

    However, in order to get it to work, each of the brackets []needs to become an arrow<, facing in around the code, like this: < >. I keep it in a text document and cut and paste.

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